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Lucky White Heather Gin Club is the definitive way of sampling the best gin from around Scotland delivered to your door. Combining the best parts of live tastings and gin memberships, we meet online each month to talk you through four new gins, have some fun, and learn about flavour, history, and the people behind the bottles!

lucky white heather

Travel anywhere in Scotland in late Summer, or look at any image of the iconic Scottish scenery and you're bound to find "fragrant hills of purple heather", as Robert Burns described in Bonnie Auld Scotland. While the more colourful Calluna vulgaris tends to dominate, it's the white stuff that is steeped in folklore.
Whether its luck is derived from its scarcity, the tendency to grow where no blood was shed in battle, or even to mark the resting place of faeries, lucky white heather's popularity was made popular during Queen Victoria's reign, as her servant Mr Brown remarked "No Highlander would pass by it without picking it, for it was considered to bring good luck."
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